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I was wondering if there were any recommendations to use Azure AD authentication with WiseJ, I have previously used ADAL for JavaScript to authenticate AngularJS applications, however I was wondering if anyone had been successful with WiseJ.


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Wisej starts up as any¬†html or aspx or cshtml page. Any authentication scheme that lets a user access a web page works unchanged. You can also authenticate entirely on the server side, which is a lot more secure, and show pages and windows that wouldn’t be accessible to unauthenticated users.

I haven’t tried, but these samples seem to be a good start:



  • Sam Allen-Chaplin
    Thanks Luca, I have tried a number of samples on the site and been able to get something to work, I did not have much luck with the OWIN or web application samples, however I did get a bit more luck with console based/native implementaions, I created a class and using a sign in button to call the relevant method I can sign in and then use a stored access token to call the Microsoft Graph API to get information back from Azure AD, I can check the user is still authenticated by checking the token cache in the Authenication Context is populated and clear this cache when I want the user to sign out. I have added the detail in a zip file on my question. Sam
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