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Hi all,

we deploy for the first time on a AWS enviroment (Elastic Beanstalk) a Wisej Application, but we have some problem with the load balancer.

For default we have disable Wisej session and WebSocket to avoid more problems.


	"url": "Default.html",
	"startup": "Luxury.Client.Program.Main, Luxury.Client",
	"browserCheck": "!(RegExp('MSIE ([0-9]{1,}[\\.0-9]{0,})').test(navigator.userAget) || RegExp('Trident/.*rv:([0-9]{1,}[\\.0-9]{0,})').test(navigator.userAgent))",
	"sessionTimeout": 0,
	"autoReload": true,
	"enableWebSocket": false,
	"loaderTimeout":  1000

The application works fine, but after some time (10 minuts), when balancer changes ip, application can’t retrive images correctly. All image on home screen disappear. After two minuts all works fine again.

Request in time: json -> Retrived json -> Not retrived json -> Retrived again

On the balancer are configured StickySession, but we don’t know how to solve this problem.

We follow:

Any suggestions ?
Thanks for support!

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Ciao Simone,

If the load balancer changes IP it’s probably failing the client fingerprinting validation in Wisej. Try to add “validateClient”: false. See

Let me know. Also, I believe you can enable WebSocket with the AWS load balancer. Originally it was more complicated since you have to use a custom protocol config but now I think it’s built in.


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Hi Luca,
thanks so much.

You answer solved our problem!

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