AspNetWrapper with DevExpress WebDocumentViewer


Hello everyone,

we are migrating our reporting module from VisualWebGui to WiseJ.
While doing so, we encountered a problem with the AspNetWrapper.  Even though i am not 100% sure this is related to Wisej i wanted to see if you encountered a similar problem and might know a solution.


Our use-case is a reporting module which features a panel with multiple filters, that contains an AspNetWrapper that wraps the DevExpress ReportViewer (ASPxWebDocumentViewer). Once the user selects the parameters and report type a different report gets loaded into the report viewer.

This way we can switch between the different reports at runtime without reloading the whole page.


Until now we achieved this by calling the LoadReport() method followed by the CreateDocument() method.
When using this approach in WiseJ, we encountered multiple problems.
While the first report loads without problems, it is no possible to change the report again.
The report does get changed in the backend, but the frontend does not reflect the change.

When calling Application.Update() oder <ViewerControl>.Update(), the report disappears completely.

I suspect the problem is related to the ASP RequestCycle.


So the question now is: Will it be possible to realize our use-case with WiseJ?
If so, is the AspNetWrapper capable of achieving this or do we have to use a different approach?
If it is possible with the AspNetWrapper, please tell us how we can improve our approach.


I created a sample application that will hopefully show the problem. Please find the application in the attachments.

Thank you very much in advance.


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