[SOLVED] Application restarting with "Maximum Worker Processes" Greater then one


whenever the “Maximum Worker Processes”  of the application pool is increase from 1, the application keeps restarting. Setting it back to 1, the application works as expected. Are there other settings i need to set alongside the “Maximum Worker Processes” to make it work?

section of defaut.json

“sessionTimeout”: 0,
“autoReload”: true,
“responseTimeout”: 5000,
“secure”: true,


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Best Answer

The application doesn’t restart. What you see is the session being created when the request hits a different process.

it’s the same as load balancing without session affinity.

Keep the default value of 1. Increasing that number doesn’t provide any benefit in this case. It’s mostly for asp.net apps with session stored on file or db that have to run long requests since aspnet cannot handle background threads easily.

if you need to start a long process with Wisej use Application.StartTask.

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