Application.OpenForms Bugs with 2.0.28 version



At moment I have a MDI Desktop Application developed with 2.0.17 version.

When more form are opened the Application.OpenForms property return corectly all opened forms.

After update to 2.0.28 version the Application.OpenForms property returns only MDI main form opened (Application.OpenForms.Count=1)

The Below code example the show the bug:

Public Class Window1
Private Sub Window1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim f1 As New Form
f1.Name = “Form1”
f1.Text = “Form1”
f1.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Blue
f1.MdiParent = Me

Dim f2 As New Form
f2.Name = “Form2”
f2.Text = “Form2”
f2.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Green
f2.MdiParent = Me

Me.Text = “Opened Forms = ” + Application.OpenForms.Count.ToString + ” – WiseJ vers. 2.0.28 ”
End Sub
End Class

Windows1 is the Mdi container form.

Screenshtos attached show theApplication.OpenForms.Count property with 2.0.17 version and after update to 2.0.28 version.

Other suggestion:
If I open the form without MdiParent  it is inserted into the collection.

Seem that not are insert in the collection all forms that are child of then MDI form container.

Thank in advance

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Hi Angelo,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It’s logged as issue #1900 (

A fix should be available in the next release.

Best regards,


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