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I’ve noticed something odd with WiseJ…

I have an app called ClientPortal_dev.  when i type this into url in browser, i see the main router picks up the goes about in expected pattern.

my initial page is login in page.

after i login in and see content i expected, I will bring up another browser and type in the same url.  i see that new web page is loaded as ‘refresh’ of previous one I’ve started.  This is expected.

I then bring up another browser, and type in the same url, but with slight variation.  (instead of ClientPortal, i typed in clientportal)

i expected to land at the same as second page, but this actually acts as if brand new application session.  with that, i have two browser showing the same page content while the third one is at the beginning of app where i am asked to login.

is there a way that WiseJ will not be sensitive of url case caption?





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Hi Michelle,

we have added LowercaseUrl to default.json. When set to true, the URL will get rewritten to be always lowercase.
It´s logged as WJ-8757 and fixed in our latest dev build (1.4.65).

Best regards

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The problem is that the browser’s cookies are case-sensitive for the URL. The server will not receive the session cookie at all when the URL is different. It’s not a Wisej issue.

You can force the URL to be always case sensitive by using the IIS URL Rewrite feature. We could add this also as a configuration option in Default.json.

If you plan to have the same session open on multiple tabs I’d suggest to turn on the “refreshActiveTab”:true option in Default.json. It automatically causes a refresh when a second tab/browser becomes active and another tab/browser has changed the state of the same session. Otherwise you risk a situation where the same session is out of sync in different tabs.




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