Anyone interested on writing a plugin for this library with me?


Was looking to see if anyone was interested in library and collaborating on it.

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Hi Mark,

I have attached a sample project showing how to use Wisej.Web.Widget directly. As I mentioned in the linked post, there is no need for an extension unless you want to turn a widget into a full fledged Wisej control. In any case, the first step is always to use it directly and get familiar with the widget.

This is the vis.js in Wisej designer. The sample project is attached. Look at the InitScript content, I simply copied and pasted their samples and changed container = document.getElementById(…) to container = this.container.





  • Mark Reed
    Yeah once I saw you example I thought it would be super easy with the hardest part being making equivalent c# classes for vue.js to pass with all the different options
  • Luca (ITG)
    You can use a generic dynamic Options property and attributes. Look at the source for the CKEditor or other extensions. Wisej will popup the code editor and serialize the composite options into JSON. Usually most javascript widgets take a single configuration object.
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