Another proble when I want to browse my wisej web app.


I have set as you said Luca. Now this message appears.


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Great, that means it’s loading now that it has the Wisej dlls.

The writing permission error to /temp happens because the user associated with the Application Pool is probably the wrong one or doesn’t have the correct permissions. Usually if you use the DefaultAppPool it works well. If you create a new pool you need to assign the correct user, or assign the correct permissions to the user that you associate with the application pool.

I suggest to use the DefaultAppPool without changes. If it still cannot write to temp, then you have the wrong permissions on \Windows\Temp. Make sure that IIS_USRS has Full Access, which is the default on a clean Windows Server installation.

Here are some references that may help you fix the issues with your IIS configuration:

I just tried to deploy on Azure using the publishing tool and also tried to deploy on a new clean IIS installation, in both cases I didn’t have to change anything and it worked well with the correct writing permissions.





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