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I read in another post back in 2016 that you were adding a few canned animations – but when I drop the animation control only my form (user popup based) I do not see any ? When I go to the edit screen for the animations – there are none listed.

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Hi Edmond,

After you drop the animation control, select the control you want to animate, go to Properties and under Appearance thers will be a new item Animation. Unfold it , select Name and drop down the list, just like in the attached screen shot. Now select the one you want to use.

As per Wisej 1.5.12 you have

  • fadeIn
  • fadeOut
  • bounce
  • tada
  • blink
  • slideLeftIn
  • slideRightIn
  • slideLeftOut
  • slideRightOut
  • popIn
  • popOut
  • shrinkHeight
  • growHeight
  • shrinkWidth
  • growWidth
  • shrink
  • grow
  • slideUpIn
  • slideUpOut
  • slideDownIn
  • slideDownOut


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