After session timeout the app is not closed


Hi all,

after a certain time of inactivity the default message box “Session Timeout” pops up showing the message that the session will end in 2:0 Minutes.

  1.  Is there no countdown implemented? Because the text “2:0 Minutes” does not change …
  2. 2 (or more) Minutes later nothing happens … the message box still shows “2:0 Minutes” … the application does not auto-exit

Is this behaviour correct?




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There is a javacript timer in the built-in form. I have seen it stop but could never reproduce reliably. It’s still on the list.

You can handle Application.SessionTimeout to show a custom message. The SessionTimeout event is fired before the session times out for real, since a session timeout is an unrecoverable event, the session is simply discarded, just like ASP.NET or PHP.

The session will timeout and exit regardless of the timer or the message, unless there is some activity.


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