Additional Project Template : Application is using the full browser design surface

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In my opinion you could also supply an additional type of projects (in addition to “Web Application” / “Web Desktop Application”).

I think about the one used for the “Buttons” sample project, where the design window is occupying the whole browser area (a Page with a FlowLayoutPanel is used instead of a web form).

With the current proposed project templates, the window is always floating inside the browser area.

Sure we can maximize the form, but the form borders are still there.

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Hi Marco,

Yes, I agree. We have about 4 or 5 templates to add. However, the Web Application template is meant to be used as the starting point only. You can delete Window1 and add a Page, you can add multiple pages and/or multiple windows. In Program.Main() add:

new Page1().Show()


Application.MainPage = new Page1();

Both lines do the same.



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