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  1. DGV cell does not accept space. Please refer here.
  2. When adding a record by clicking or navigating to the New Row, and ESC is pressed to cancel it , the focus stays in the cell. In WinForm, the focus will go up one row above the cell (to the last record) in the same column. If the cell contains a ComponentTool, the form can’t be closed anymore. pressing F2 will bring you back to the New Row  and same cell.
  3. Even if nothing was entered in a cell with ComponentTool and move to another row, pressing F2 will bring you back to the New Row  and same cell, and form can’t also be closed.
  4. When navigating cells in New Row using tab key and it reaches the last column, pressing another tab key will give an error “Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object”. In Winform, the focus will just stay in the last column of the New Row. However, if there is another control in the form and that controls’ TabStop = true, the focus shifts to the other controls based on TabIndex #.

And by the way, I always forget to inform you. DeepLinking sample is broken. I just don’t want to create a new thread for this.

Have a nice weekend.



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Hi Frank,

All issues are now fixed. Noted the following though.

  1. ErrorText does not show up in a datagridview cell.
  2. If I type something in new row and in a cell with CellValidating event and press ESC, I got a message at attached.


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please use latest build (1.2.45) to verify fixes.

Best regards

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Thank you!


  1. Fixed in dev. Not updated.
  2. The automatic new row works a bit differently in Wisej. When AllowUserToAddRows is true, a new row is always present (it needs the new row icon). When you edit any cell in the new row, the row is committed and a new row is appended immediately. Pressing Esc or not entering a new value when editing a new row will simply not commit the new row. In WinForms the new row is continually added and removed. There are  a number of issues though related to the new row that are fixed but not updated yet, like the new row icon, editing icon, not sorting  the new row, …
  3. There is an issue with committing unedited cells. It’s fixed not updated.
  4. With Wisej when you tab past the last cell of the grid, the focus goes to the next control. The grid fires an event named “lastCellTab” which is not processed in Wisej (we need it in another product), but if needed you can handle it overriding OnWebEvent() – and if really needed we can add a new event DataGridView.LastCellTab or similar.

The updated sample has been uploaded.




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