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Recently I am trying to port some existing Windows Forms applications to Wisej.
I’m wondering if there is a component in Wisej similar to Splitter in WinForms.
Undoubtedly there is the Wisej.Web.SplitContainer, similar to the Windows.Forms.SplitContainer and at development time you can solve many cases even with this.
However, if you are porting an existing WinForm, using extensively the Windows.Forms.Splitter, you encounter a lot of pain.
Is there a component which I still did not find? Or do you have something similar on schedule?
Or maybe you can suggest a tricky workaround…

Regards, Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

You can achieve the same without a splitter, by setting the ResizableEdge property of the left (or top) docked controls. You can also use the line control as a splitter. In Winforms the Splitter control was deprecated very quickly and it was simply a docked control and the splitting functionality was achieved through the simple docking layout.

I can also send you a Splitter class that achieves the same sometime next week.



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