See what´s cooking: Wisej 2.1 & Wisej 3.0, Premium Extensions, Native iOS and Android Support

In this blog section we like to inform you about topics and technologies that we are evaluating and working on to possibly integrate into Wisej in the future. While this is not intended to be a roadmap, it should still give you a peek behind the scenes and a feeling of what could be included in future Wisej releases.

Wisej 2.1

We are on track with the development of Wisej 2.1 which is expected to be released in December. This release focuses on speed and robustness while at the same time adding new features:


The DataRepeater is a container that can host unlimited data-bound panels through our virtual scrolling system. Records can scroll horizontally or vertically, it’s touch friendly and responds to swipe scrolling.



All editors have a new Label property. It adds an auto-sized or proportional label to the editor in five locations: left, top, right, bottom and inside. Note: This feature was proposed and co-financed by a Technology Partner.



A Shape is an easy-to-use control that can simplify the creation of form layouts adding line or shape separators.

TimeUpDown and Time Picker

We have a new TimeUpDown editor and we have also extended the DateTimePicker drop down calendar to optionally show a time selector.

TabControl Enhancements

The TabControl has been enhanced thanks to the feedback from developers on the support forum and on projects we collaborate with. It now includes a new visibility menu to hide/show tabs, and the option to drag and slide the tabs to change their position.




TabbedMdi Page Menu

We have included a variant of the TabbedMdi interface that we developed for a customer allowing the menu from mdi child forms to display the typical “hamburger” menu on the tab button.


Weak Events

All static events exposed by the Application class are now weak events. Static events have always been a potential source of memory leaks in the .NET world. When an instance attaches to a static event and never explicitly detaches, that instance will leak. This is true for all .NET applications of all kinds. Our weak events implementation will automatically detect that an object is not referenced anymore and it will allow garbage collection thus preventing memory leaks.

Writeable Themes and Individual Custom Themes

Application code can write to the global theme object or it can clone it and alter a theme only for the current session/user.


A new {impersonation: true|false} setting in Default.json allows the Wisej application to impersonate the user logged in at the client computer on the server. It is similar to the impersonation property that now doesn’t work anymore with ASP.NET Core and with the integrated IIS pipeline.

Wisej 3.0

Work on Wisej 3.0 (.NET Core or .NET 5) continues. Our proof of concepts are already working quite well also on Linux machines. We hope to be able to have an early beta version out for our Technology Partners by March of next year.

Premium Extensions

We are excited to start a collection of Premium Extensions available to our Technology Partners at no additional cost. These extensions will be published on a GitHub private repository as open source projects. The initial list includes:

  • Syncfusion components
  • DevExtreme components (By DevExpress)
  • Telerik KendoUI components
  • XCode Swift Package for Wisej Apps
  • Android Studio Package for Wisej Apps
  • Multiple Reporting systems

Native iOS and Android Support

As soon as the iOS and Android packages are ready to be shared with our Technology Partners, we will also offer training and professional support through our Professional Services to Wisej developers that want to deploy native mobile apps.

 Wisej around the globe

Wisej has been co-sponsoring, the biggest German-speaking developers conference focused on .NET:

Visual Studio Live

We also showed presence at the Visual Studio Live conference events taking place in North America.


Press releases

In Europe we are gaining special attention also through several press releases:

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