WiseJ Coexist With VWG?



I am in the middle of converting our VWG app to WiseJ.  Unfortunately it is taking MUCH longer than we hoped, as our application is large and complex.

One approach we are considering is to deploy the application in sort of a mixed mode, where some screens/controls have been converted to WiseJ and others are still VWG.  Are you aware of any other users having done this?  Other than the obvious complications we would need to overcome (web.config settings to support both, some way of sharing session between WiseJ/VWG) do you think this is a viable option?

Just looking for input or suggestions.



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What about just having a preview version link of your application switch to the WiseJ version? Kind of like the old Azure portal vs the new one?

We are in exactly the same boat and that is the sort of route we are going if we need to ship early but we are shooting to have our app converted in a month.

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Hi Andrew,

I think it’s possible. Web.config shouldn’t be a problem since wisej’s settings are very limited, just 2, the module and the handler. If Wisej is the main app “hosting” vwg in iframe panels you could also retain the vwg session across iframes using vwg  vwgcontext (I don’t remember exactly the argument name in the url).

From the Wisej hosting app you cannot access the vwg session since it would be in an iframe. You can pass arguments through the url. From the “child” vwg app you may be able to access the Wisej session and all the wisej objects. I’d have to try. There is a static method in Application:



Application.RunInContext(HttpContext, Action);

It lets you reload a Wisej session from the System.Web.HttpContext which should be accessible from vwg.

Let me know if this is what you need.

Also, if there are some missing features or controls that are critical for the migration let us know.

Last but not least, the http://fecher.net (and http://fecher.eu) developers are very experienced in migrating vwg to wisej and are developing tools and methods that may be useful. But of course, they have a cost.



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