[SOLVED] WiseJ Authentication Example


I downloaded examples from this page:


When I try to test the “AspNetAuthentication” I receive this error:

“…The missing file is ..\..\packages\Microsoft.Net.Compilers.1.0.0\build\Microsoft.Net.Compilers.props…”


I found a solution in this page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32254439/nuget-packages-are-missing

But I prefer generate a project like this one and copy only Wisej code from Exemples folder  to it.

My question is:

Please, what are the steps to generate a project like this (AspNetAuthentication) example from scratch?

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Best Answer

NuGet packages are not deployed with the project usually. Use Tools->NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio.

The AspNet authentication sample was created using the AspNet template that comes with Visual Studio. Then simply add

<add name="Wisej" type="Wisej.Core.HttpModule, Wisej.Framework"/>
 <add name="wisej" verb="*" path="*.wx" type="Wisej.Core.HttpHandler, Wisej.Framework"/>

That’s all Wisej needs. In general, unless you have a specific requirement, you don’t need to use the old ASP.NET authentication. Simply use any authentication method available to .NET in Wisej, on the server side, and save the authentication in a session variable. There is no need to use cookies or ASP NET. It’s a lot more secure in Wisej since nothing stays on the client exposed to the browser.

In any case,  you can use any authentication you like.


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