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I am new with Wisej and started my first project with a trial license

On my main page, I have added a TableLayout and within this, I put a Video control (Wisej.Web.Video)

On the load event of the page, I added the code:


Nothing happens…

I tried to set the SourceURL to a Youtube video. And also I put a video into a project folder called Videos and used the following as SourceURL:


The file exists there.

Also I found another post, where somehting similiar was asked and therefor I changed the WebConfig – I added:

<remove fileExtension=”.mp4″ />
<mimeMap fileExtension=”.mp4″ mimeType=”video/mp4″ />


But still nothing. The video isn’t showing up – no error – simply nothing.

What can I do?

THX a lot – Happy new year!

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YouTube videos can only be played using the YouTube player which is simple to include using the IFramePanel like in any html page. Maybe we can upload a simple YouTube extension in /extensions to turn it into a Wisej component.

Otherwise the Video and Audio controls in Wisej use the html5 media tags. Try this click on the Media option. The source code is linked here:

If the video doesn’t show it’s probably the browser not supporting the <video> tag. You can always use custom html/javascript video players in Wisej.

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THX for your codeproject link

There I found the issue. – I am not allowed to use “~/Videos/HOYA.mp4”

Like in your link, using: “Videos/HOYA.mp4” did it. – Now it works and runs as expected!


THX a lot – Have a nice day

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