[SOLVED]Urgent - MessageBox don't stop



Sorry for “urgent” flag, I upload a test project:

-create a Desktop

-create a MdiForm

-Open inside a ChildForm

-Open a ShowDialow Form

-from this Form Show a MessageBox…

the messagebox permit to use the form

This problem there is only with Desktop not if MdiForm is in a Page

it is urgent, please help!



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Hi Cristian,

WJ-8980 is fixed in Wisej dev build 1.4.99.

Best regards

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Logged as WJ-8980. It is a regression together with an existing issue that we have finally addressed. Basically modal should be terminated in the same order they are created (dialog box 1, message box 2, message box 3, etc.) In some cases  a previous modal dialog may become active and closed which pops (terminates) the last modal frame which is wrong one. It’s like in Windows when multiple message boxes get mixed up.

It is fixed now and Wisej can handle modal dialogs in the wrong order as well, in case it ever happens. And the Desktop now is not able to activate the modal dialog.

  • Cristian Zerbinati
    Hi Luca, Thank you, as a temporary solution I do: Me.enabled=false Messagebox… Me.enable=true When do you think the update is released?
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