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Can I put a start button like this app





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See attached sample app.  You will find in design mode a desktop control with a cool clock (top left) and a button on the task bar (bottom left). The button is anchored to the bottom left for the designer. Than at runtime the anchoring is reset, and a small javascript (2 lines) move the button to a container in the taskbar called “shortcuts” which will automatically manage the shortcut button in a VBox layout. You can add several shortcuts.

To explain better. Our Wisej.Web.Desktop control already has two inner containers, one called “shortcuts” and one called “notifications”. The shortcuts container is to the left of the window items, while the notifications container is to the right. However, adding shortcuts and notifications at design time is still not fully implemented (it will be fairly soon). This is why in this example we need those 2 javascript lines.

So, when you open the solution in design mode (design the desktop) you will see a JavaScript component. Select the button and look at the properties. You will find a JavaScript Events property. In there you will see an event “appear” and the javascript lines attached to the event.

You will also find a StartPopup control that you can fully design in the designer. That’s the semi transparent popup where you can place your tiles, menu items, buttons, and just about anything else. You can determine the size, colors, alignment as well.








  • Davorin Panič
    Hi, Luca thanks for the sample – note: dev build 1.3.75 needed (wj-8300). br, Davorin
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