Made a file open in browser instead of downloading it

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How to response a stream PDF for view in browser
In Asp.Net I can response a stream (pdf) and view inline in modern browsers that supports view PDF.
(Made a file open in browser instead of downloading it)
Something like:
string mimeType = “application/pdf”
Response.AppendHeader(“Content-Disposition”, “inline; filename=” + fileName);

Application.Download in someway can response similar way like it?
Or I missing something!
Thanks in advance!

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The PdfViewer is a great control, it allows you to pick the pdf viewer to use. You can use the one built in the browser, or force it to use google pdf viewer or even use a full javascript pdf viewer (pdf.js). It’s all already there.

We also have already added Application.DownloadAndOpen() in the current dev build:


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Hi Ser Gar,

Maybe PdfViewer control will help.

Hope this works.

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