Is there a better workflow for WiseJ work?


My current workflow is something like this.

  1. Make some changes in Visual Studio
  2. Press Run.
  3. The web browser fires up and I see the app.  I then navigate to whatever i need to see.
  4. I see something I need to change, so I stop the app in Visual Studio and go back to step 1.

It’s kind of cumbersome.  I’ve tried attaching to the IISExpress process after changes are done, but I get “Invalid Session”.  I’ve also tried Edit & Continue, but it doesn’t seem to allow that.

Is there a better workflow that I am missing?


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When debugging using VS (I tried with 2015) with IIS Express you can use Edit & Continue. It works very well and it doesn’t invalidate the session.

You may want to increase the value of the session timeout, or set it to 0 to have a permanent session. Otherwise if you are taking some time editing the session will expire.

If Edit & Continue is disabled, go to Tools->Options->Debugging->General, at the bottom of the list you should have the Edit & Continue options.

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