HtmlBox no longer working



Back in May this year I did a project that uses the HtmlBox.  The project has  sat untouched for  the last 6 months or so.

I came to give it all a once over today with a look at putting it live later this week, however, the HtmlBox’s are now no longer displaying the “html”

The code

public advertWindow(string html, string height)



if (height != null)


this.Height = Convert.ToInt32(height);

htmlPanel1.Height = Convert.ToInt32(height);


htmlPanel1.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Dotted;

//BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Double;

htmlPanel1.Html = html.Trim();


The html source –

<html><head><title>Test Title</title></head><body><center><img src=’’ alt=’Happy_Easter_small’ border=’0′ width=’480′ height=’237′></a></br><font color=’#FF5D46′><h1>Hello, World xxx!</h1></font><p>You can modify the text in the box to e ft any way you like, and then click the ‘Show Page’ button below the box to display the result here. Go ahead and do this as often and as long as you like.</p></center></body></html>


Now when I run the project the htmlbox is blank, the resizing is ok as I can see the dotted line (border style) on my main form.  Just zero contents (empty white box).

Anyone any idea’s what’s happening ?





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Hi Steve,

I have contacted you directly to check this issue as it might have been fixed already in our latest build (not yet published).

Best regards

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