How to overwrite an extention's mixin style


I am trying to edit the appearance of the navbar sidebar. More specifically i am trying to overwrite the color variables. I’ve tried the following:

  • adding a color variable to my theme that matches the variable name of the extention, this didn’t work, which i was expecting.
  • I tried to theme it through css, but this also is quite hard to do because every property is inserted as inline styles (also the class naming is confusing at least)
  • Lastly i created a mixin file inside the theme directory of my wisej project, trying to overwrite the color variable there expecting to overwrite the extention’s one something that i found through the documentation:

I suppose there is something obvious i am missing, but i am coming through a regualar javascript enviroment (Vue, React ) with bootstrap like css frameworks, so i am totally a fish out of water here, hahaha.

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Hi Nikos,

I think that the easiest way (for now) is to copy the mixin from
the extension into your projects theme directory and adjust the colors in it.

In alternative you can also define a mixin where you override the color definitions.

See here:

Best regards

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