DataGridView functionalities



Do you plan add some interesting functionalities to datagridview?, for example:

footer row for totals.

filter row. (from final user point of view)



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We are going to release nested rows soon. We just release the super cool feature to let you add controls into cells, and headers. The next enhancements on our grid are going to be the selection mode, and sizing mode.

The DGV control is tightly integrated with the server, way more than any other javascript grid, and it’s a super complex control. It’s also quite easy to use javascript widgets that provide more fancy features on the client and simply take a data feed from the server (which is most if not all the javascript grids available). With Wisej.Web.Widget, simply respond to WebRequest and feed the grid from the server, it’s a lot simpler than having to create rest endpoints.

We have a set of samples and a blog coming up showing pivot grid, filtering grid, etc.



  • Mariano
    Interesting, i’ll stay tuned for this grid info, thanks Luca.
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