Chrome's "Add To Home Screen" and Service Workers


I wanted to enable support for Chrome’s “App Install Banners” ( and discovered the concept of progressive web apps and service workers (

From my understanding, when this is properly configured, it should allows certain resources/URLs to be cached on the device upon “Add to Homescreen”, which will speed up the user experience on low-bandwidth connections like 3G. More details here:

I think I have a (mostly) working service worker Javscript now, but this error appears in the console: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Request method ‘POST’ is unsupported (line 51)

(unsure if this affects the overall operation or just certain elements that are being posted)


Are you guys familiar with service worker concepts and related javascript?
Aside from being a requirement for Chrome’s “Add to Homescreen”, is it something that would be further beneficial in conjunction with WiseJ?
Are there out-of-box examples that would work well with WiseJ?
What resources are safe to cache with this method?

So far, I have a style sheet, and wisej.wx.

var urlsToCache = [
Current JS is attached. Thanks for any insight.

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ServiceWorkers seems to just WebWorkers registered in relation to a URL and can handle/filter network requests. You can register them using plain javascript. Wisej doesn’t stand in the way. Wisej also has a web worker extension allowing you to create and manage web workers. If you find something useful for them to do.

I don’t really know what a server-based application may do with a service worker faking a connection. But it sounds like it’s designed for client-side javascript applications.

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