Wisej.NET vs. Blazor with Jon Hilton

Blazor is a modern, component-based framework for building websites and applications using .NET, and for many projects, it’s a great choice.

But it’s not the only option.

Alongside Blazor (including Microsoft’s other options like MVC and Razor Pages), we have alternatives, one of which is Wisej.NET.

Wisej.NET is a web framework designed to make it faster and easier to build business web applications. If you’re new to Wisej.NET, you can download the community version here.

It promises a flat learning curve, WYSIWYG designer, full integration with Visual Studio, and an option to bring in external components (from vendors such as SyncFusion and Telerik) so you can focus on building your app and meeting your customers’ requirements.

At first glance, you might imagine Wisej.NET is a straight-up Blazor alternative, solving similar problems and enabling you to build your web applications using .NET.

But in practice, Wisej.NET addresses a particular challenge, building large enterprise web applications, and does so in a way that merits a closer look.

So join me as I get up to speed with Wisej.NET and explore how it addresses the specific challenges of building Line-of-Business, Enterprise Web Applications…