Wisej.NET 3 released for .NET Framework 4.8 and .NET 6

We are happy to announce that Wisej.NET 3 was released! Yeah! 😀

This is an important milestone for us, as we’ve become platform-independent at runtime, supporting both, .NET Framework and .NET Core. Initial versions of the Wisej Linux runtime have been running without interruption for more than 18 months in our lab. Targeting production-grade servers as well as embedded devices, a whole new world of deployment scenarios opens up for Wisej.NET applications. Interestingly, Wisej supports Multi-Targeting with the new .NET project SDKs. You can develop and deploy Wisej.NET applications for different platforms and .NET versions based on the same source code.

Here is the full “What’s new” story for the new release:

Wisej becomes Wisej.NET

As part of the new release, we decided to rename Wisej to Wisej.NET. We want to reflect our roots & runtime, making sure that Wisej is perceived as what it is: the leading web framework to develop enterprise-class web applications based on .NET.


What’s up next? Here are our plans for the forthcoming months:

  • We will soon publish the Wisej.NET Demo Browser, an application showing many features of our controls and extensions, available in source code and fully linked to our documentation. This should make it easier to see and understand Wisej.NET’s abilities without downloading and installing everything first.
  • We are working on getting Wisej.NET on the Visual Studio Marketplace, easing the way Wisej.NET is installed and distributed. This hasn’t made it into the 3.0 release, but it is something we are working on to be more in line with Visual Studio processes and procedures.  Also there are some issues with the installer in security-restricted accounts that we can solve with this approach. As part of this, we plan to release ready-made application templates that serve as a starting point to develop applications made with Wisej.NET.

Interesting read: Wisej.NET in Visual Studio Magazine

David Ramel shared the news about Wisej.NET 3 and describes it as an “Alternative to Blazor” for building enterprise-level ASP.NET web applications.
Check out his article on the Visual Studio Magazine: