Wisej.NET 3.5 Beta Released

We are happy to announce the first public Beta release for the upcoming release Wisej.NET 3.5.

Bootstrap Dark Theme

The new bootstrap dark theme is the dark variant of the Bootstrap-4 theme currently available.


Wisej.NET Hybrid

Build online and offline applications for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS operating systems.

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Click Here to try the live demo on Android

Click Here to try the live demo for iOShybrid-light-dark

New Wisej.NET Hybrid ML Kit Extension

ML Kit provides developers the ability to perform real-time barcode and text scanning on Hybrid devices by leveraging the device’s built-in Machine Learning frameworks (CoreML on iOS and ML Kit on Android).

The barcode and text detection features are available in two formats:

Using the Wisej.Web.Ext.Camera control

The ML Kit extensions can be attached as a component to the Wisej.Web.Ext.Camera control for processing images within the browser.

Using a Native Popup

The ML Kit extensions can be used inside of a modal native popup to scan and retrieve data from images. With this approach, developers can also control camera zooming and focus.



  • Scans multiple items at the same time
  • Filter scan by keywords or regex
  • Configure scan frequency
  • Optional scan overlay

New Extensions on NuGet

Chat Control

The new Chat control can be used to build conversations into an existing Wisej.NET application. The new chat control supports text and custom message types, allowing users to share any type of control or data in the conversation.


Get the Chat Control

Signature Control

The new Signature control can be used to collect and export user signatures. The control includes undo, redo, image import/export, and line customization features.


Get the Signature Control

Pull-to-Refresh Component

The new Pull to Refresh component can be used to trigger a refresh of a data source associated with a scrollable panel. All containers inheriting from ScrollablePanel support the Pull-to-Refresh component.



Get the Pull-to-Refresh Component

TesseractJS Extension

The new TesseractJS component allows developers to add real-time OCR scanning to the Wisej.Web.Ext.Camera control.

Get the TesseractJS Component

Dynamsoft Barcode & Scanning Premium Extension

The new Dynamsoft Barcode & Scanning premium extension gives developers an enterprise-ready option for barcode scanning and text (OCR) scanning on the web.

Developers are required to purchase the following licenses from Dynamsoft:

  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader – JavaScript Web SDK
  • Dynamsoft Document Normalizer – JavaScript Web SDK
Get the Dynamsoft Premium Extension

MobiScroll Premium Extension

The new MobiScroll premium extension gives developers a suite of mobile-friendly controls and components to use in Wisej.NET applications.

Get the MobiScroll Premium Extension

API Enhancements

  • #3255 Enhance the RibbonBar to support AutoSize at runtime.
  • #3235 Implement ListViewItem.Visible property to hide items instead of removing them.
  • # 3229 Add new collection Add() methods to the RibbonBar extension to simplify creation of components.
  • #3199 Abstract the creation of DataGridViewSummaryRow using DataGridView.AddSummaryRows().
  • #3186 Add method chaining support to all controls.
  • #3185 Add specialized constructors to all controls.

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