Wisej.NET 3.2 Beta released!

What would be your favorite addition to Wisej.NET? Is it another control (like the DevExpress JS Dashboard), a standalone View Builder based on JSON, or would you rather focus on separating the code layers following the MVVM paradigm?
The new release of Wisej.NET 3.2 has something for everyone! No matter if you are into visual additions or extended features around validation, I’m sure you’ll like the new release. Take a look at the all the new good stuff here: What’s new in 3.2 – Wisej.NET
Wisej.NET 3.2 Beta released
Other than that, our February was yet again full of traveling. Three shows in three countries within just a few weeks time… you caught countless coasters, picked up 1 million Wisej.NET M&Ms (ok, maybe a few less), and some of the other nice stuff we carried along. But most of all, we really enjoyed meeting you guys at CodeMash, NDC London, and BASTA Frankfurt. Thank you for joining our booth and listening to our talks.  
The next shows are going to be in San Diego (VSLive) and Mainz, Germany (BASTA Fall), scheduled for the second half of 2023. Stay tuned – we’ll be demoing Wisej.NET Hybrid live starting this summer!