Wisej.NET 3.2 is Live!

Wisej.NET 3.2 has been officially released and adds new enterprise-grade features that simplify the development of complex Line of Business (LOB) cloud applications for the enterprise. Our goal is always to help improve developers productivity and make the applications using Wisej.NET more resilient and maintainable.
Getting Started
The latest Wisej.NET 3.2 Release is available on NuGet.
The Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 extension packages are linked below:
Validation System
We added a new Validation property extender to provide a modern, centralized, and flexible validation system to Wisej.NET applications.
Once you drop the new Validation component on a container at design time, all the controls are extended with a new property ValidationRules. You can assign multiple validation rules to any control.
ValidationRules Collection Editor
Runtime Validation
Using the ValidationRules Collection Editor requires the Wisej.NET 3.2 VSIX to be installed within Visual Studio.
JSON View Builder
With Wisej.NET 3.2 we are introducing a new concept to build views using a JSON representation. In the future we may add XML or any custom parser, and we are also planning to use the new View Builder as an optional serializer in the designer.
Enhanced Font Support
Font support has been enhanced in the JavaScript layer as well as the server side .NET layer in Wisej.NET. Now we support using theme fonts that are not installed on the server.
Premium Extension: DevExpress JavaScript Dashboard
The DevExpress Dashboard is a control that allows developers to create interactive and customizable dashboards for business intelligence (BI) purposes. The platform offers a wide range of data visualization tools and widgets, such as charts, graphs, maps, gauges, and pivot tables.
Using this extension requires a Developer Express license.
HTTPS Local Server
Added Enable HTTPS option to the new project wizard.
Now projects include the full applicationhost.config file in /Properties, or in /My Project for VB.NET, preconfigured to listen to https://localhost:44391, for IIS Express and .NET 4.8.
For .NET Core it listens to the same https://localhost:44391 URL and it doesn’t need to use applicationhost.config.
General Improvements
  • Speed improvements across the board.
  • Consolidated bug fixes and enhancements to all controls.
  • DataGridView memory footprint for large data sets has been reduced.
  • New BindableComponent base class to enable data binding on components.
Advanced Design-Time Debug Mode
We added the option to enable the design-time debug mode in the Designer Options dialog. When enabled, Wisej.NET will show the Edge renderer(s) it uses to display each control in the pixel-perfect design view.
You can download the samples for each new feature here.