Wisej 3 beta continues, Licensing Model Guide and Events planning (BASTA & VS Live)

Wisej 3 Beta

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season. The release of Wisej 3 Beta (now supporting .NET 6 with Linux & Mac!) brought us a lot of attention. If you haven’t had the chance to look at the new version yet, make sure to grab your copy and play around with the great set of new features! All relevant information including FAQ and Guidelines for Dual Target setup, Visual Studio configuration, and Docker Support has been published here:

What’s required to upgrade from Wisej 2.5 to Wisej 3? Not much: most projects and code should work after changing the references to Wisej 3. However, with the new .NET 6 templates the build process for multi-target projects has changed. Make sure to check our tutorial at:

Wisej 3 is estimated to be officially released on March 31st, 2022.

New Licensing Model Guide published

Together with the estimated release of Wisej 3, a new license model comes into effect for Wisej. Here are some highlights of the new terms & conditions:
– Free Community level licenses with limited commercial use
– New server editions supporting high load and containerized environments
– Switch to a fully subscription-based model
– New support options
– Additional services, bug warranties, and new source code privileges

You can find our new pricing and license information here:

Planned events

Despite the challenging times, we plan to attend a number of events throughout 2022 in US and Germany. Do you happen to be in Las Vegas at VSLive? Please contact us and get in touch with Levie. He will be travelling to Vegas and would be happy to meet you there. And we will be sponsoring BASTA .NET conference in Frankfurt Germany again with our own booth and two sessions on stage. We look forward to meeting you there!