Wisej 3 Beta, Community Edition and Pricing Changes

This year has been a challenging one for everyone around the world – including our team. At the same time, it has been one of the most exciting and successful periods in our history. Let’s look at some of the highlights.

Wisej 3 beta is out – now supporting .NET 6 and Linux

We are happy to announce that Wisej is running on .NET 6, formerly known as .NET Core. Starting with Wisej 3, developers can deploy Wisej applications to Windows, Linux, and macOS using a new multi-target project. We’ve been experimenting with Linux support for a long time. In fact, early experimental versions of Wisej 3 have been running with great stability and very few resources on different Linux flavors, including a Raspberry Pi Zero. This is not meant to power large enterprise-scale apps, but rather is a new area of interest for building Wisej applications for use with embedded systems.

Download the beta version of Wisej 3 today:

What’s required to upgrade from Wisej 2.5 to Wisej 3? Not much: most projects and code should work after changing the references to Wisej 3. However, with the new .NET 6 templates the build process for multi-target projects has changed.

Make sure to check our tutorial at:

Wisej 3 is estimated to be officially released on March 31st, 2022.

Free Community Edition for Non-profit and Small Businesses

Together with the final release of Wisej 3 we will be introducing a new licensing model. Based on the tremendous success of our Technology Partner program, we have decided to switch to a fully subscription-based model in Q2 of 2022. We will be offering new support options, a number of new server licenses for enterprise and data center deployments, as well as ready-made packages for Wisej Mobile, supporting both Android and iOS distributions.

Most importantly, we will be releasing Community editions of Wisej Developer and Wisej Server at no charge. These versions are meant for small business and independent developers (as defined in the Wisej Community Terms and Conditions). Existing licenses will be converted to the new license model.

We will publish a detailed guide along with all changes on January 10th, 2022.

New website and new documentation system

Thanks to our growing team, we were able to complete a number of projects, most importantly our new website and our new documentation system. Your feedback was used as the focus for the documentation system development. The new documentation features detailed guides on Wisej concepts, API, Extensions, and more. If you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, follow this link: https://wisej.com/documentation

It has been a very busy year with a lot of enhancements to Wisej. With over 500,000 downloads reached this year, there is an ever-growing number of Wisej users spanning many different industries. Financial, banking, government, manufacturing, and medical are a few of the notable industries taking on new major projects.

Looking Forward to 2022

The first stop on the Wisej Roadmap for 2022 is Wisej for embedded systems. For us, going to Linux has been a long-awaited goal that opens up a new world of opportunities, such as running Wisej on embedded devices. In 2022 we plan on releasing Wisej Server Embedded edition, a Wisej build that is optimized for devices with processor and memory constraints, such as those found in IoT, PLC, Home Automation, and similar projects.

Further down the roadmap is a Wisej Designer for .NET 6 which will pave the way for Wisej to become platform-independent at design time. But these plans are still at a very early stage – so nothing is guaranteed yet. However, 2022 is guaranteed to be another interesting year for Wisej developments – stay tuned!

Thank you!

In the name of the entire team behind Wisej – we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. Thank you for your commitment and support!