Winform to Wisej Migration White Paper

This white paper describes the basic steps for migrating an existing WinForms application to Wisej – the first Web Integrated Server Environment for creating Real Time Web Applications.

To create a new Wisej application from scratch, check this tutorial:

If you’re interested in an automatic conversion of your existing applications (WinForms, VB6, or even Visual WebGUI) please contact us at

  1. Prerequisite: Install Wisej from
  2. Change the project type from a WinForms executable to a Wisej web project. There are two ways to do this:
    • Create a new Wisej project and copy over all the files from the original WinForms application; if you choose this approach then you can skip steps 3 and 4 as the assemblies and the configuration files will be added automatically;
    • Change the settings of the existing project. You can do this by editing the .csproj file in a text editor and make the following changes:
      • Add the project type GUIDs under the ProjectGuid node:

      • Change the OutputType from WinExe to Library

      • Add the import nodes for the web applications under the main Project node:


  3. Open the WinForms solution and add the references to the Wisej assemblies: Wisej.Web.dll and Wisej.Core.dll. Note: if these assemblies doesn’t appear in the list check the target .NET framework version; it has to be at least .NET 4.5.
  4. Add the configuration files to the project. You will need the following files:
    • Default.html
    • Default.json
    • Web.Config

      All these files are generated by default when creating a new Wisej project, so you can simply copy them over from a new project. You can find a detailed explanation of these here:

  1. Replace all occurrences of System.Windows.Forms with Wisej.Web


  2. Build the application and resolve the compiler errors: in most of the cases you will get compiler errors due to some missing properties and/or methods that are obsolete in Wisej. You can simply comment out these.
  3. Change the Main method; in a typical WinForms application you probably had something like this in the Main method:

    The first two lines can be commented out as they are not needed in a web application. The third one has to be changed to show instead the Login dialog:


  4. Change the startup method in the Default.json file to the Main method from Program.cs:


  5. That’s it! You should be able to run now the Wisej application.
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