See what´s cooking: Wisej.NET 3.1

Over the last few months, our team has worked hard to fine-tune the release of Wisej.NET 3 for Windows, Linux, and macOS. We’re confident that you’ll find the new capabilities in Wisej.NET 3.1 beneficial while developing your applications, so let’s have a quick look at them!

What´s new in Wisej.NET 3.1

  • Visual Studio Marketplace
  • New Navigation Template
  • Wisej.NET Demo Browser
  • Integration
  • Tiny Tools in Property Editor
  • F1 Integrated Help
  • Typed TextBox

Visual Studio Marketplace

It’s now easier than ever to get started using Wisej.NET. It can be downloaded as a VSIX installer from the Visual Studio Marketplace or directly through the Visual Studio Extension Manager. The new VSIX installer automatically registers Application Templates and the Wisej.NET designer without using the GAC.


Download Wisej 3.1 VSIX Beta Installer: Visual Studio 2019 | Visual Studio 2022

New Application Templates

Continuingly, new Application Templates will be added to the Visual Studio Marketplace, with the first being a fresh Wisej.NET Navigation Template that includes a navigation bar and a few basic Wisej.NET capabilities. The Visual Studio Extension Manager can automatically register these templates within Visual Studio, and more templates will be posted to the Marketplace as our team works their magic.

Application Template

Download Application Templates.

Wisej.NET Demo Browser

Our brand new Demo Browser suite is launching today, which features a live demonstration of most Wisej.NET controls and extensions. To try out the demo, click here.

Demo Browser Integration

We established new automation tools as we built our automated test suite, which we’ve decided to share using, an end-to-end automation solution for Web and Mobile apps with all the latest browser drivers. Our Wisej.NET extension helps in several ways like scrolling widgets into View, handling Tree Views, Keystrokes, counting Alert or Message Boxes, and much more.


Tiny Tools in Property Editor

New Tiny Tool Icons have been added to the Property Editor to indicate their attributes or reset their value.

  • reset. Resets the property value to the previous value.
  • data bound. Displayed if the property is data bound.
  • localizable. Shows that the propery can be localized.
  • responsive. Different values can be set for the property depending on the Responsive Profile.

Tiny Tools

F1 integrated help

When Wisej.NET is installed from VSIX, hit F1 to get immediate help from our extensive online documentation.
Works by selecting a word in the Code Editor:

Integrated Help Code Editor

And by clicking on the “?” Icon in a growing number of configuration dialogs:

Integrated Help Configuration Dialog

Typed TextBox

A basic but very useful Typed TextBox is one of the most desired features in practically all web development platforms and is now available in our toolkit!




We hope you are as delighted about these enhancements as we are and look forward to future releases! If you have any questions or feedback regarding these new additions, please contact us!

– The Wisej.NET Team

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