See whats cooking: Scripting, Wisej 2.0, Container Builder, Test Studio, …

In this blog section we like to inform you about topics and technologies that we are evaluating and working on to possibly integrate into Wisej in the future. While this is not intended to be a roadmap, it should still give you a peek behind the scenes and a feeling of what could be included in future Wisej releases.

Since we are currently working on quite a few things, this blog is going to include a longer list of features. Hope you enjoy the insights into the Wisej lab.

Server Side Scripting

Let’s start with a new extension that makes using VBScript, JScript or Google´s V8 Script on the server a breeze. It embeds Microsoft´s ClearScript library with the latest build of Google’s V8 engine adapted to perfectly fit into the Wisej architecture.

Your scripts can run in multiple instances and access any object or class in your application and can attach to any event fired by Wisej controls.

We will cover the details and benefits of this powerful scripting extension in a separate blog article that will be published soon.

Virtual Scrolling for TreeViews

Another topic we´ve been working on is virtual scrolling for the TreeView component. When TreeView.VirtualScroll is set to true, it limits the rendered elements to the visible portion of the TreeView offering a better performance for a virtually unlimited number of total TreeNodes.

Standalone Packing FireFox or Edge

In the area of Standalone Exes built from your Wisej application we are also adding more options as you can compile and run it with embedded Firefox or Edge browsers, in addition to the the currently available Chromium and Internet Explorer.

Browser Storage

Since all major modern browsers support local storage we have added Application.Browser.LocalStorage and Application.Browser.SessionStorage to let your apps save and read data to/from the browser. The default implementation in all browsers only supports strings. Our enhanced implementation in Wisej supports any data, including object maps.

FileDialogs with Amazon S3

A quite common request from our users has been an implementation of the FileDialogs (Open/Save). We added them but not only as a 1:1 copy of what WinForms offers. We added a lot more options that will be explained in a separate blog. In a nutshell you can define multiple roots that can be directories in your file system or a complete custom implementation, like database storage, Amazon S3 (already available), Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

Different roots with the same name but different mappings can be shown to different users to support moving desktop applications to a web environment. As a sample of how to implement such support we will ship a fully working Amazon S3 extensions with full source code.


Container Builder

We are working on a new product named Wisej Container Builder.  It will help you to ship your Wisej application as a single container including all necessary files and resources regardless of your applications complexity.

You can deploy as Self hosted executable running as a process or service or as a desktop standalone application based on Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Test Studio

Another very powerful tool will put testing your applications at the next level: With our Wisej Test Studio you can easily address and inspect all objects in your Wisej application using a very straightforward approach using their names and path without having to rely on complex XPath declarations.

Wisej Test Studio does not need any external library (it’s Selenium-free) and will use the built in browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox).

Screenshots and visual checkpoints will be performed automatically offering a high flexibility to your tests where you don´t have to recreate the tests in many situations.

To delegate the recording of tests to users you can share the free Wisej Test Recorder (it’s a single executable). Users can perform their steps and record them into a zip archive that your test developers can import and fine tune. Users will also be able to take screenshots and select a specific area of the screen as the checkpoint and add comments for the test engineers. Wisej Test Studio will find the checkpoint image area within the running application while executing the tests and identify possible discrepancies.


Much more detailed information about these 2 products including pricing and availability will be provided soon on our new website. If you are interested in being am alpha or beta tester and providing early feedback, please contact us at

Wisej 2.0

Last but not least: our major Wisej 2.0 release is approaching. On the technical side we are streamlining the Wisej framework into a single assembly. This is building the base for Wisej 3.0 which will most likely be running on Linux and .NET Core (also on MacOS) !

Furthermore we are enhancing the designer by tweaking the UI to a more modern look and by adding easy support for ClientProfiles and Responsive Properties which greatly simplifies responsive development.



Wisej 2.0 will include new templates that help customizing the initial loader, adding healthcheck rules for load balancing and client profiles configuration files.

Another improvement is what we call “Designable Controls” eliminating the need to create user controls to design them. A new item template just lets you pick the base class from any control class and you can customize the new derived control directly in the designer.

All details and features of Wisej 2.0 will be published shortly on our website.