Updated Roadmap for Wisej.NET 3.5 and Upcoming Events

Our engineering team has been busy in recent months. There will be even more features coming out with Wisej.NET 3.5 as announced earlier this year! Here is the final list that’s currently being prepared for beta:

  • Wisej.NET Hybrid on .NET MAUI
    Apps on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS with offline support!
  • new Chat Control
  • new Signature Control
  • new Pull-to-Refresh Control
  • new Tesseract Extension
  • new Dynamsoft Barcode & Scanning Premium Extension
  • new MobiScroll Premium Extension

Our Technology Partners have already been using early releases of Wisej.NET 3.5 with great success. There will be a public beta in October and we have scheduled the final release for November 2023.

All details can be found here: https://wisej.com/roadmap/

Upcoming Events

After a relaxing summer break, we’ve packed our stuff and are ready to meet you in Europe and US during the next few months. Make sure to visit one of the following shows to meet the gang:

  • BASTA, Mainz (Germany) in September 2023
  • VSLive, Orlando (USA) in November 2023
  • IT-Tage, Frankfurt (Germany) in December 2023
  • NDC, London (UK) in January 2024

Our event calendar can be found here: https://wisej.com/events-and-conferences/