New article about Wisej in windows .developer magazine

Two steps forward – no step back (moving from VB6 to Web)

Recently a new article about Wisej was published in german windows .developer magazine.
It describes the scenario and challenges of a successful migration from VB6 to a real time web application including a lot of technical details and things to consider.

The migration was executed in 3 phases:

  • Moving from VB6 to C# (WinForms)
  • Redesigning UI/UX
  • Moving from WinForms to Web

While Phase 3 was done to migrate C# WinForms code it can also be applied to VB.NET code, Gupta SAL code and a few more platforms that we will support soon.

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Please also check out our growing list of projects from different branches all over the world that use Wisej to modernize existing applications or build new complex enterprise web applications:

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