IceTeaGroup Releases Open-Source Tools for Building Modern Web Applications

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23, 2022 — Washington D.C.-based IceTeaGroup LLC, a global leader in accelerating enterprise .NET cloud migrations, has released several new open-source integrations for building out modern web applications on the Wisej.NET platform. The new tools are aimed at speeding up development time for enterprise developers and offering a modern alternative to other web frameworks like Blazor, Angular, and React.

One of the tools, Web Authentication API (WebAuthn), allows developers to replace traditional two-factor authentication methods with a passwordless experience that uses OS-specific authenticators like Windows HelloFaceIDTouchID, and cross-platform authenticators like YubiKey to uniquely identify and authorize users. Another integration, the File System Access API allows developers to work with approved client-side directories from the server without the need for upload and download dialogs.

These developments come as part of the release of Wisej.NET 3.1, the latest version of the Wisej.NET platform for Windows, Linux, and macOS set to be officially released next month. Along with new open-source integrations, Wisej.NET 3.1 includes the launch of a new showcase project, new templates on Visual Studio Marketplace, and several new controls like the TypedTextBox. Read more about it on the Wisej.NET Blog.

You can read the original press release here.