Back in London and Announcing LearnWisej.NET

We are happy to announce the release of LearnWisej.NET, a new site with learning resources around Wisej.NET. A warm thank you to our authors Dino Esposito, Jon Hilton, Gabriele del Giovine, and many more, who have contributed articles, tutorials, and even a book on Wisej.NET! We will keep adding content and look forward to providing a helpful source of information in addition to our documentation.

This week we are back in London at this year’s NDC conference. Three days packed with tech input, showing the latest Wisej.NET developments and meeting with our partners and customers in the UK. If you happen to be in London, make sure to stop by and practice your skills in coaster catching.

In the forthcoming weeks, we’ll attend a number of conferences in Europe and the USA. Check out our events page!

NDC London 2024