Transparency Error in Chrome and IE but not Firefox

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I am using semitransparent back colors and have realized that they do not work with Chrome and IE but work with Firefox.

After some debugging I found that in chrome the argb value for the background uses a comma instead of a point.

This reminded me of some issues with localisation and serialization but my system is set to “DE-CH” wich uses points and it gets points in Firefox.

Does Firefox fix the wrong value or does Wisej send Firefox something different than it sends chrome or IE?


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Hi Adrian,

WJ-8128 is also fixed in the latest release (1.3.43).

Best regards

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It’s a bug in Wisej. It uses the locale of the application to serialize the rgba value instead of using the InvariantCulture.¬†The same error shows in firefox for me when adding ?lang=de. When the culture is set to “auto”, wisej reads the value of “navigator.language || navigator.browserLanguage || navigator.systemLanguage || navigator.userLanguage”. If the browser doesn’t set one of those, then Wisej¬†uses the server’s locale.

Logged as: WJ-8128.

  • Adrian Joachim
    I kind of assumed that (I also learned that the hard way) but I could not verify it since I do not have the code of Wisej nor do I really fell like to Digg around in it. Do you have a bug tracker? I may have found a couple other ones.
  • Luca (ITG)
    We do at but we have many projects in there, some from customers and partners and unfortunately the version of gemini we are on doesn’t support read-only projects and we noticed that as soon as we allow any type of public writing we get swamped by useless viagra posts. If you post the bugs here, we then verify and log them as WJ-*.
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