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I have attached a small sample app using the new WebWorker extension. It uses a small javascript loop running on the client in a web worker and firing events back to the server.

In the project, look in the FindPrimes.js file and open Page1 in design mode to see how the Wisej.Ext.WebWorker component is used. It’s quite easy: just drop the WebWorker component (you can use more than 1 – each component is a web worker thread in the browser) and attach the js to execute.

The client can post messages back to the server and the server can┬ásend messages to the web worker or terminate it at any time. It’s super cool. I’m not sure if it’s useful though… In any case, if someone can come up with a useful use case scenario for web workers I’d be interested in knowing what it is.



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Thanks. I’d be curios to know how you are going to use it.

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Great example Luca. Thank you, I will used in another way, but the basics here is well explain.

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