Only once instance of wisej.web.DragDrop is allowed.

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When I open the page in 2 different browsers the one that opened it first throws the error mentioned in the title.

This happens since 1.3.42 this was a Development build so I did not pay much attention.

Now however the error is in the release.

My Testcase has Firefox opening it first then Chrome.

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I tried chrome multiple tabs, chrome + ff and chrome + ff multiple tabs but cannot reproduce. I wouldn’t know how to share the same javascript instance between two tabs or two browsers.

The only reason it could happen is if the application somehow is trying to create the DragDrop component twice. I tried to create the error and the only way to get close to it is to create a new instance of the Wisej.Web.Application class. I don’t know why the constructor is public, it shouldn’t be.

Can you check if your app creates a new Wisej.Web.Application() somewhere?

  • Adrian Joachim
    I have not found any use of the constructor in my project. The error happens in the old tab when I open a new one (only in another browser). For example when I open the page in firefox the IE instance crashes. Also only one crashes every time. I am using cookieless if that makes a difference.
  • Luca (ITG)
    I thought of cookieless too since it may happen that an attempt by a browser to reuse an existing session (if the URL contains the same sid) invalidates the session but couldn’t reproduce like that either. Do you have “validateClient”: false?
  • Adrian Joachim
    I have tried tried disabling validateClient but it behaves the same. It happen when i open a new session (delete the sid part of the url and load).
  • Luca (ITG)
    I still can’t reproduce. Does it happen if cookieless is false? Does it happen also for other wisej apps? (try Is it always with FF or it happens also only with chrome and/or IE? Can I send you a debug build of Wisej.Web.dll to narrow this down?
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