Missing features of the ListView.

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I have some comments about missing features:

1. Grouping is not available yet.
2. Binding – can ITG adding the binding functionality to the listview ?
3. Context menu : There is a conext menu for the listview. User may need the context menu for the Column header as well

I’m currently moving our VWG application to Wisej, those features are not available in compare with VWG. Do you have any plan to add them in the future version?

4. A HitTest function will be nice to have. I don’t know it is possible with the listview or not. I see it available for the DataGridView


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Hi Tung

WJ-8004 has been included in Wisej release 1.3.35.

Best regards

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Hi Tung,

Thank you for the feedback. Please find my answers below:

  1. Grouping can be added easily on the server side, but it’s harder to render on the client since the ListView control in item view uses a virtual widget system. We can look at it after other controls in the TODO list. Let me know if having the properties and methods (without rendering for now) would help you.
  2. Yes we can add binding – we have a number of requests for this already and we are actively working on it.
  3. Added as a enhancement request. WJ-8004
  4. .Added as well for ListView in Details view only – WJ-8005




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