ListView.ColumnWidthChanged fire many many time when I resize a Column in a ListView by mouse.

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I am trying to converting a Visual Web GUI application to WiseJ.

In my application, whenever user resize a column (or reorder the column), I will save the column width (or column order) of all the columns to database. This is done by handle the ColumnWidthChanged event (ColumnReordered event).

In Windows base and VWG base application, this work well.

However, in WiseJ, when resize a column in a ListView by mouse, I find that the ColumnWidthChanged will fire many times. This let to saving the column width data to the database many times. (Same case for ColumnReordered event).

Is it possible to make the event only fire when the width completed changing (or column recorder is completed) ? If not good to change the behavior of existing events, can you add 2 new events to ListView control such as ColumnWidthChangedCompleted and ColumnReorderedCompleted, etc ?


Thanks and Regards,

Felix CHAN

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Hi Felix,

LiveResize is now exposed to control the LiveResize mode in the detail view (WJ-8074).

ColumnReordered is now only fired once. (WJ-8071).

Both fixes are included in our latest release (1.3.38).

Best regards

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Hi Felix,

We have a LiveResize property that defaults to true for the ListView and false for the DataGrid where it can be changed. It’s not exposed for the ListView, will add. When LiveResize is false, you can move the splitbar without any event until the column is resized.

The ColumnReorderd event is fired twice, which is a bug, it should be fired only once. Will log and fix.



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