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I was looking for more information about licensing so I understand.

There are 2 keys: developer key for Visual Studio and a server key.

I have multiple dev, staging, prod servers. Do I need a key for each server or how many times can I use a server key?



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every developer needs a Developer License and you can use it for testing on the development machine and on your test server.

For production it’s always 1 Server License per server. The Development License already includes 1 Server License which you can use to deploy your application to 1 Server. For additional deployments/servers you will need to purchase additional Server Licenses. If you have let’s say 8 developers you will need 8 Development Licenses and you can deploy your application(s) to 8 servers. If you want to sell your applications to, for example, 10 customers you can use the 8 Server Licenses included with the 8 Development Licenses and you will have to purchase 2 more Server Licenses in addition.

If you need to deploy a shared/cloned web.config to multiple load balanced server you can use a single key for all servers, but still need to purchase 1 Server License for each server. In other words, 1 key may be valid for more than 1 licenses. If you need this please contact me at before purchasing the licenses from our website.

By the way, Wisej standalone desktop apps don’t need any server license.


  • Mark Reed
    Hi Joe, I just sent you an email with my phone number can you call me? Or email me a direct number I can call to discuss licenses?
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