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Hi I’m working on proving out the concept for a content management system.  I’m displaying a page in an IFramePanel.

When I change the underlying data – I need to have the IFramePanel reload the page it is pointing to.

.Refresh does not do this (I didn’t expect it to).  But there is no .Reload type of event.  How can i get the IFramePanel to reload its content?


Thanks in advance!


Btw – love your stuff…

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Which Event to subscribe to be notified when the Iframe is following a Link due to a user click ?

I was in hope to get this by hooking to URLChanged event, but it doesn’t fire. I also tried textChanged or DocumentCompleted but the same.

I’m after getting notified and having the URL followed.




  • Luca (ITG)
    The event is DocumentCompleted which is fired after the new URL is loaded in the iframe. However the url on the server is not updated. I just saw that we have another event “navigate” which updates the URL but it’s not wired to the server component. Will add an enhancement.
  • Eric Mathay
    So, if I understand you correctly, after the enhancement is in place, I will get notified by the event ‘DocumentCompleted’, then I read the URL property and have the new address. What about the event ‘UrlChanged’`? (Is this the one you name ‘navigate’?) Is this foreseen to ONLY be fired when the URL property is newly assigned, and not when following a document reference ? I was expecting it to fire in both case and supply the new URL in the eventargs object. But no problem, I trust you to get the most convenient and logical use. In the meantime I will wait for the enhancement. Thanks.
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Hi Matthew,

Wisej.Web.IFramePanel.Reload() has been added in the latest Wisej release (1.3.53).

Best regards

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Thanks very much – the workaround of just calling IFramePanel.Call(“reload”)  works beautifully!   Thank you for the great support.


Also – I notice that the IFrame panel does not display any content at all when I run the same app I’m building on an iPad (though it does in desktop).  Is there something different that I need to do?

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Good catch! We can add the Reload method. Workarounds:

from the iFrame class: this.Call(“reload”)

or from outside: this.iFramePanel1.Call(“reload”)

or add a parameter to the URL: &v={counter{

Calling “reload” is much better.




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