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I’m trying to add scale options into the chart.js extension. As part of this I need some properties to only be serialised if they are not a specific value. I’ve tried adding a ShouldSerialise method but there is obviously some other trick as the data still appears.

In a similar vein is there anyway to tell wisej not to serialise a property whose value is null?


PS: I realised I made an error in my chartjs extension changes so the time scale type won’t work correctly just yet in the code I uploaded. I’ll upload the fixed version when I have also sorted out the scale options.





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Got it. Wisej serializes .NET object to JSON strings and JSON strings back to Wisej.Core.DynamicObject instances. Null values are serializes too since they are valid values, otherwise you’d never be able to set a property to null  in the client.

You can remove a property from a wisej dynamic object by calling config.Remove(“property name”).

For the designer serialization, in case you are overriding an inherited property (like it’s probably the case with the ScaleType :)), you have to shadow the property or the ShouldSerialize* and Reset* methods won’t work. See my other reply to the ChartJS issue with attachment.



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Hi Luca,

Thanks for clarifying. I think I was confused between the serialisation options for the editor and how WiseJ serialises options for the java object. I can see now why what I was doing didn’t work but I still can’t figure out how I stop WiseJ putting properties with null values into the config for chartjs when it calls

script = script.Replace(“$config”, config.ToString());

I have a property that should not be output if it is null and at present it is always output but with a value of null (i.e {“time”: null}).



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Hi Nic,

The serialization in Wisej is entirely based on System.ComponentModel. You can control what happens to a property at design time using:



[Browsable] hide/show the  property in the properties panel

[DesignerSerializationVisibility] exclude/include, or whether to serialize the property value or its content.

[DefaultValue] this is alternative to the private bool ShouldSerialize[PropertyName] and private void Reset[PropertyName] methods.

[Editor], [TypeConverter] to determine the editor and the conversion/serialization to/from a string or a CodeDom definition.





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