DataGridView find several problems, version 1.3.27

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Hi there,

the datagridview is running well with the version 1.3.27, but I find some new problems.

I marked the problems I had in the code as written below.


//WiseJDataGridViewBug#1: Activate this codeline to suppress all CellFormat layout to table

//WiseJDataGridViewBug#2: Freeze column Index 0+3 causes 3 Columns to be frozwn

//WiseJDataGridViewBug#3: Marker column move from front to lasts column (look at screenshot)
//Bug occurs sometimes, I guess these 3 property have something to do with the effect

//WiseJDataGridViewBug#4: AutoSizeRowsMode and AutoSizeColumnsMode seems to be have no effect
// Have this features any effect or is it be implemented in future? When is it implemented?

//WiseJDataGridViewBug#5: DataGridView DataGridViewNumericUpDownColumn set old value to 0
//if i.e. the value of the int is 5 and you doubleclick the column for edit mode: The value will be set to 0.
//Is there a detail option to hold the value of 5?

I included a code example and screenshot in the zip.

Thanks you for help in advance, hope the example helps  you to fix the problems.


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Hi Kay,

WJ-7978, WJ-7980 and WJ-7981 are fixed in the latest Wisej release (1.3.35).

The same applies to WJ-8029 and WJ-8030 referring to the problems you listed in your latest post.

Can you please retry your sample/app to see if there is anything pending (besides the known issues) ?

Thanks in advance !

Best regards

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Hi Kay,

thanks for your detailed explanation and information.

Will check the additional problems you send to us.

Regarding #2 and thinking some more about it, it´s intendend behavior.
Locking Column 3 actually looks the first 3 columns. If you want toexclude columns from locking you need to move them after column 3 before locking the column.

Best regards

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Thank you Frank,

for you here are some details for #1.


If you activate the checkbox ‘Event cell format’ the event CtlDatagridview1_CellFormatting is executed and nice fore- and background colors showed up.

All is working fine as supposed.


If you uncomment the line


the event is executed, but no more color cell formatting is executed.

If you copy the form to winform there is no problem with this.


I recognize another problem #6:

The DateTime and bool column didn’t change the color if you activate the checkbox ‘Event cell format’.


And another #7: Activating the Row ‘Add’ option is not working well

Activate the checkbox Row ‘Add’.

Insert 3 Rows, by i.e. click the checkbox in the bool column.

Then … no more Rows can be inserted, in Winform you can add endless rows.


Hope these are enough details, thx for advance for your help Frank !

I think this litte ‘nasty’ DataGridView Test example let us find the last errors in the datagridview.

Altough you did a good job with this DataGrid … I know that the implementation is a very hard thing 😉


Kind regards




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Hi Kay,

thanks for your sample and description !

Here is my feedback:

  1. can you please explain in more detail what is the difference and what is expected ?
  2. Logged as WJ-7979
  3. Logged as WJ-7980
  4. AutoSizing is not yet implemented. We´ll keep you updated on any progress here.
  5. Logged as WJ-7981

Best regards

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