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Hi Wisej team,

I have some suggestions for the desktop wallpaper and the BingWallpaper  extension.

one of my users request this :

“The BingWallpaper  is very nice, but sometimes i would like to pause it and put my own images in the desktop wallpaper”.

So , I came across several problems.

1.there is no way to start/pause the BingWallpaper – i think it would be great to add control mode (active/not active)

2.i made some tests with the desktop wallpaper – put some images in a folder and switch the images with  Application.StartTask background task.

it works good but I could not make the change with animation.

Wisej is awesome!!



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Thank you.

You can control the rotation interval setting the RotationInterval property of the Bing component. A value of 0 will stop the rotation. You can also set the FadeTime property.

To load a custom image list you can modify the extension, look at the LoadImages() method. We’ll add an Images list in a next update.

The fading is done using CSS and it’s set by the bing extension. You can set the default transition using a theme mixin:


“appearances”: {
“desktop”: {
“inherit”: “desktop”,
“states”: {
“default”: {
“styles”: {
“transition”: “background-image 2s”


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