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I know I can open an existing project in VS2013 and VS2017 although WiseJ is installed in VS2015.The designer is working and I can add conrols to the toolbox and use them. But how to get the templates for new Item installed in Vs2017? The bootup of 2017 is much,much better and that would be a great reason for me .. But All I need is the new Item filled for selecting the New Form of new Window.. etc..

Coming from VWG this is a great replacement. Although I do not have the nerves to switch my old apps around yet.. but any new dev will be done in WiseJ.. Tx for stepping in the gap VWG has created..

Hope somebody has any tips for VS2017..

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We are adding VS2018 to the installer options. You can copy the templates from %MyDocuments%\Visual Studio 2013 (or 2015)\Templates\ItemTemplates (and ProjectTeamplates)\Visual C#\Wisej to %MyDocuments%\Visual Studio 2017.. same path.

Looks like VS2017RC doesn’t support the ToolboxControlsInstaller (TCI) or it’s broken, so you’ll have to add the items to the toolbox manually.



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